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Mystery Dots Convertible Leash - Blue


Our convertible leash easily transforms from a convenient over-the-shoulder hoop, to an extra-long lead, to a standard-length leash, and more. Whether you're running errands, having a training session, or simply taking a stroll, EPW's convertible leash has you covered.

  • Top (Body) length (Dots) : 4.5 ft
  • Bottom length (Gray) : 3 ft.
  • Multiple snap hooks, D-rings, and an O-ring allow the leash to transform easily
  • 100% cotton lining for soft comfort, and a 100% nylon core for sturdiness and strength
  • Hardware Color: Gold
  • Designed in New York, Handcrafted in South Korea

*   See our size guide for more details.

* Note: All of our patterned fabrics are cut from larger swatches of fabric, so pattern on final product may vary slightly from the product photos on this page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Sam & Mocha
I use this as my everyday leash — It’s the best!

I use this leash every single day, mostly as a crossbody. It’s so comfortable and I love that it’s totally hands free. I particularly like it during the winter when I can put my hands in my pockets and still be able to walk my dog. Not to mention it’s also super cute. I got the matching poop bag holder, collar and bandana too. I get so many compliments about it when my pup is wearing it all. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a super versatile leash. (PS if you’re dog pulls when walking, putting it as a crossbody really helps to manage that.)

Nicole Swope
Doodle 🐶

The Plum-Rose convertible no-pull harness and leash are super stylish! Love the color and sustainability! When my pup gets excited she jumps. When she jumps the harness loosens. Would recommend for less excitable pups!

Tiffany and Josie
Game changer

Love the convertible leash! The fabric design is super cute and it is really easy to use. There is no adjustment necessary and I feel more secure walking Josie because she is tethered to me. If she suddenly pulls out of excitement, I'm not worried about the leash slipping out of my hand. The clips are also solid but not too heavy. Best convertible leash I've come across!

Azayiah M
Love it ❣️

I was very excited when this arrived both hooks in the front and back are helpful but with a 7 month old puppy we still have lots of learning to do. But a small is too big for my Maltese sadly maybe he will grow into it a lil more but this will be helpful when he has on winter clothes to have more room in

Mai Urai
Cute, but not sure worth for the price.

It’s been only about a half year since the purchase, and my dog is about 35lb so she does not have crazy amount of pulling force, but where you may hold for extra support during the walk( and the leash is long if you get it for training purpose and to “heel” ) the edge of the leash flayed so terrible. I washed once by hand as instructed when it got dirty with everyday use, and it only made it worse. At this price point I hoped it lasted to look good at least 1-2 years before it starts fall apart, but I guess not. I do see it’s 100 %cotton, so it’s just how it works. Functionality wise it’s amazing and the nylon core is just fine but I really hoped it lasted better. if you have a dog doesn’t pull you at all or less than 20lb and doesn’t need any control or training, or simply just don’t care how much it lasts good looking, go for it. Otherwise I may just get different leash because it’s really sad and not worth if your leash looks like many years old within few months.

Hi Mai, thank you so much for your feedback and we're so sorry that you had a disappointing experience with your Convertible Leash. Our products are made with high-quality soft fabrics for a sophisticated and elegant look but it shouldn't fray like the picture with normal use! We will reach out to you shortly to address this issue :) - Sonia

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