Our mission is to elevate the standard of design and craft for pet products, and provide stylish, dependable goods for all the joyful moments you will have with your pets.

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Thoughtfully Designed

Our pets are our family and we believe that the things they wear should be as beautiful, thoughtfully designed, and functional as the goods that we buy for ourselves. We're always working to creatively improve and innovate on products for our four-legged best friends.

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Ethically Made

We proudly handcraft our products in our own studio (facility) in Seoul, South Korea. Our craftspeople in Seoul have over 30 years of experience with luxury fashion brands and their attention to detail and dedication to perfection is evident in every EPW product. We also make sure our makers are paid fair wages and to keep the working environment safe and clean.

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Giving Back

According to ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. We donate a portion of proceeds to animals in need, so not only is your pup as stylish as can be, you are also helping a great cause!

From the Founder

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Since the age of 6, I have always had a dog in the family. Across the years, our dogs have always been an important source of joy and love for me, and I couldn’t imagine growing up without them. When my husband and I finally got a puppy of our own, I became an obsessed dog mom (I’m sure many of you can relate!).

In 2018, I started Eat Play Wag because I believed like myself, pet owners would want the best for their four-legged best friends. I recognized a gap between what was available in the market and what I would want for my puppy, so with my background in design and architecture, I got to work creating EPW’s beautiful, functional, and high-quality products.

I hope our products help you create more special and meaningful memories with your beloved pets.

Sonia and Garby | Founder and Founding Pup